We plug institutional investors straight into the crypto universe .

SheeldMarket is an EU-registered broker that offers fast, direct and secure access to an ever-growing range of digital assets. All through a single trading platform.
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Deepest markets, Dozens of coins

Unlike most providers, SheeldMarket offers dozens of tradeable coins, with more added on request.

Plus our execution algorithms automatically find liquidity for you, whatever you’re trading. Because this isn’t just bitcoin, it’s access to the broadest range of digital assets on the market.

Zero hassle to start trading

We handle all of the plumbing, so you can focus on your business. And you only ever need to deposit with us – regardless of where your trades are executed.

All of our services are easily accessed via an API, including our built-in auditing functionality which makes it simple to access a record of trades.

No compromise necessary

With SheeldMarket you get the simplicity of an OTC combined with the price discovery of an exchange. There’s no trade-off between best price and ease of use.

We are also a registered custodian and broker-dealer with the AMF, so you can rest assured that your money is safe and we will never, ever trade against you.

White-glove customer service

All of our customers deserve special attention, so we assign each one a dedicated customer success representative.

They provide 24/7 human support and offer proactive assistance on anything from order types to infrastructure. No chatbots here.

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