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Our vision is to make the trading experience for the digital asset market as seamless as its traditional counterpart.

Our Story

The SheeldMarket team at their office in Paris

Before SheeldMarket existed, three of our founders – Oliver (CEO), Arnaud (CTO), and Simon (COO) – studied together at Supaero, the top French aerospace engineering school, and then UC Berkeley.

After identifying a gap in the early stage global cryptocurrency market, SheeldMarket soon followed as a fully-fledged cryptocurrency trading business. Jacques Lolieux, a renowned trader with 25+ years of experience, joined quickly after as the final member of the founding team.

Since the company’s founding in 2019, our team has made rapid advances in rolling out cryptocurrency trading services to a wide range of customers. SheeldMarket’s best-in-class algorithm is already trusted by dozens of institutional investors to optimise their investments.

Following a $1m seed round in 2020, we have raised $10m in funding from established investors including Atomico, DraperDragon, and Axeleo. This investment will enable us to continue scaling our prime broker services, as well as pushing into new product areas that will fully realise the potential of cryptocurrency trading.

Our long term vision is to make financial services more accessible and efficient for every business, from SMEs to major funds. We believe that decentralized finance will be the foundation that allows us to provide cheaper services like loans or treasury placement on top of trading services.

Our Leadership

Ingrid Richard

Head of Risks & Compliance

Oliver Yates


Jacques Lolieux

Head of Trading and Research

Arnaud Carrere


Simon Douyer


François-Xavier Del Boca

Head of Sales

Our Advisors

Charles Songhurst

Louis Baudoin

Strategic partners


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